Bombs for Recycling Houses

A picture of a bomb

Inside of Tooly, you'll find a very large stack of bombs. You can pick one up, press any button and it'll blow up the house you're in. Luckily, you'll make it out OK, though a bit dazed. Tooly makes it out OK too along with his friends. Other stuff that was in the house got sucked up very quickly by Dusty so you can go to another house and have him spit those things out.

You can train robots to blow up houses too. See the "Exploding Houses" demo. If you aren't in the house when it blows up then Dusty isn't there either to save stuff in the house. It's gone for good.

If a trained robot on the back of a picture sets off a bomb, then he'll destroy himself and the whole picture. If you want the robot to destroy himself but not the picture he is on the back of then have him vacuum away his box instead.

Tip. While blowing up houses can be fun, its main purpose is recycling. If you train robots to do tasks for you and put them in trucks, then your city might fill up with houses with robots that have finished doing their work. It is just tidy to have a robot blow up the house when he's finished doing his job. Computer scientists call this "explicit deallocation of memory".

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