A Robot's Thought Bubble

A picture of a thought bubble

After you train a robot his thought bubble contains a copy of the box he was trained to work on. When a robot is given a box, he'll see if it matches the box in his thought bubble. If there is anything in the box in the thought bubble that is different from what is in the box he was given, he'll reject the box. If the box contains sensors that might change, then he'll wait for the sensor to change. If he's part of a team, he'll let the robot behind him check it out. If there isn't a robot behind him he'll just quit working. He has no problem working on a box that has more stuff than the one in his thought bubble. If there is something in the box in his thoughts and in the same place in the box he's given there's a nest or its empty, then he'll just wait. He'll start up again if the bird covers her nest or if you drop something in the hole.

Tip. Robots can be too fussy. You can use Dusty to remove stuff from their thought bubbles so they'll accept more kinds of boxes. If you remove too much they may try working on boxes that they really don't know what to do with.

Advanced Tip. If you use Dusty to remove just the stuff on the surface of a number pad in his thought bubble, then the robot will still wait until a number pad is at the same place in the box he's given, but he won't care what number is on the pad. Same thing with blank text pads, boxes, and erased pictures.  SHOW ME

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