Bringing Things in and out of ToonTalk

A common way to bring things into ToonTalk is by using the Windows clipboard. The easiest way to do this is by using control-c (holding down the control key (labeled 'Ctrl' on most keyboards) and then pressing 'c') to copy whatever you are holding into the clipboard. If you are on the floor and not holding anything then you'll put a copy of everything on the floor on the clipboard. If you are standing in a house then the entire house is put on the clipboard. If you are outside you'll copy the entire city.

Once something is on the clipboard you can paste it into any text editor or mail program. Control-v works as a shortcut for nearly all programs. You can also paste it into another ToonTalk (or the same one as an odd way to make a copy) using control-v. If you paste it into programs like Microsoft Word or WordPad then be sure to save as text and not in Word format. If you are using unusual letters (e.g.  ) in labels or text pads then it is best to save as Unicode.

If you save the clipping as a file with the extension TT then when it is double clicked on the object in the clipping will be added to your ToonTalk if paused. If no ToonTalk is running it'll start a new ToonTalk. In either case the first time you sit on the floor the object will appear. If, instead, you save the clipping with the extension XML, you can inspect the internal format of ToonTalk objects using a web browser or other XML-capable tool.

You can also use the clipboard sensor to bring things into and out of ToonTalk but most people find control-c and control-v quicker and easier.

If you want to save something that includes pictures or sounds then it is better to click on 'Save to File' in the dialog that appears if you press Pause while holding something.

Advanced tip: You can type control-c to a file when using the Windows Explorer (the desktop program). Then when you type control-v to ToonTalk it'll import that file. If it is a picture you should see the picture on the floor. If it is a sound then a sound. If it is a TT file then the ToonTalk object. Otherwise the text of the file will appear as a ToonTalk text pad.

Advanced tip: You can type control-c when pointing to a picture in a browser and then paste the picture into ToonTalk with control-v.

Advanced tip: You can drag one or more files into ToonTalk at once.

Advanced tip: If you hold down the shift key while typing control-v and the clipboard contains the name of a file or URL, then the contents of the file will appear in ToonTalk when you are on the floor.

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