ToonTalk Demos

If you click on ‘See Demos’ after starting ToonTalk you will see a selection of eight demos.

  1. Introductory Tour (less than 15 minutes). This is a broad introduction to ToonTalk, its objects and tools, and simple programming examples.

  2. Exploding Houses (less than 5 minutes). This is the silliest of the demos and is probably the most popular.

  3. Swap if Bigger (less than 3 minutes). This demo illustrates two very basic programming techniques: comparison conditionals and exchanging the values in two locations.

  4. Build Ping Pong (each part is less than 20 minutes). This demo shows two kids trying to build a Ping Pong game. They don’t know what they are doing and the demo shows the process of exploring, trying things, finding bugs, fixing bugs, getting help, and the like.

  5. Fibonacci Numbers (less than 4 minutes). This demo illustrates the kind of mathematical exploration that is possible within ToonTalk.

  6. Factorial (less than 6 minutes). This demo shows a programming technique that is critical for building large programs in ToonTalk out of pieces that work together. The technique is a generalization of defining and calling procedures.

  7. Bank Account (less than 15 minutes). This demo shows how advanced computer programming and computer science concepts can be made accessible within ToonTalk. It also illustrates another important programming technique needed for large-scale programming – concurrent objects with state.

  8. Append Lists (less than 8 minutes). This demo illustrates another advanced programming technique (list manipulation) and illustrates a connection between ToonTalk and logic programming.

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