ToonTalk Beta 52 Release Available as of July 25, 2007

Beta 52 is available only as a downloadable 30MB self-extracting executable file called beta52.exe. (If you have difficulties downloading the file using FTP here is the same file available via HTTP.) The beta release is password protected -- send email to request the password. Just describe yourself briefly and explain how you heard about ToonTalk. The trial version of ToonTalk does not require a password.

To install.

Copy the file to a temporary directory. Then run beta52. You can delete beta52.exe after installation. You will be prompted for a password that you can obtain by sending email now. Please describe yourself and how you heard about ToonTalk. You'll need about 60MB of free disk space.

There is also a readme.txt file that you may want to read first.

Beta releases expire 75 days after installation. If you provide feedback, you'll be able to get the next beta release.


Note that this beta version can peacefully coexist with earlier versions of ToonTalk. To switch back to version 2.39, for example, just double click on TT239.exe in the ToonTalk directory. Double clicking on TTBeta52.exe will switch it back.

Other versions of ToonTalk.

The installation does not include any narrations. If you want to hear narrations of demos, click here for more information.

ToonTalk is also available in Swedish, French, Japanese, and Portuguese.

To load and run programs built in ToonTalk that are not included in the release click here. And also visit the Playground Project where you'll find many games made by children and researchers. Programs for exploring mathematics and science from the WebLabs project can be found here.

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