Using your Mouse in ToonTalk

To simplify things, usually all the mouse buttons mean the same thing in ToonTalk. You can assign special meanings to the middle and right buttons. The right button can be assigned so that clicking it while holding a tool "uses" it. If you are holding text, numbers, and pictures they will flip over. If you are holding a notebook it'll flip to the next page. If you are holding a tool it turn on. The easiest way to enable or disable mouse shortcuts is to select the option you want after clicking on "Set Options" after starting ToonTalk.

The middle button can be assigned to any key. The default assignment for the middle button is F11 for dropping things without being smashed by Bammer. Another popular setting is F12 for tossing pictures. A tossed picture starts off with the same horizontal and vertical speed as your hand. It can also be used by holding down the control button while clicking any mouse button. You can customize the middle button here.

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