Loading Playground games into ToonTalk prior to version 2.35 or Beta 27

If you have ToonTalk version 2.35 or Beta 27 or later then you the following should happen automatically when you click on things in Internet Explorer while browsing The Game Place. If something goes wrong (which it does in some circumstance when using Netscape Navigator) then you'll have to do the following:

If you don't have the Playground sounds and pictures you should add (or edit) the FileSearchPath entry in the Directories section of your toontalk.ini file (on c:\windows or c:\winnt) as follows:


which tells ToonTalk to look on the Playground web site for any missing files.

The first time you load a game (by simply clicking on the picture on the game at The Game Place), you should be patient as ToonTalk loads the needed files over the Internet. (ToonTalk will appear to freeze as the files are loaded - there are plans to improve this in coming releases.) These files are cached (in the same place that Internet Explorer caches such files) so the second time you load the game it should be much faster (unless you've loaded many other things subsequently). If you rather be sure that the second time you load a game it will go fast (and will work even if you are no longer connected to the net), then make the following changes to the Directories section of toontalk.ini by adding entries for FileSearchPath and URLCacheDir:


This ensures that the files loaded off the Internet are saved in the "toontalk\downloads" directory.

Note that a few games use artwork which is copyrighted and not available from the Playground web site.

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