ToonTalk US Version 2 is now available

For information on how the latest version (2.39) differs from the original product CD-ROM (1.04) click here.

Owners of the US version ToonTalk CD-ROM (version 1.04) can automatically upgrade to version 2.39 at no cost by downloading a 4MB patch called TTP239US.exe. Just run TTP239US after downloading it. (It should be exactly 3,869,984 bytes long - download it again if it is not.) You may delete TTP239US.exe after running it. You should just install the patch on top of an existing installation. If you have installed a beta version on top of the old CD-ROM version, the only advantage of un-installing the beta version and then re-installing the old CD-ROM before installing the patch is that you might save 1 or 2 megabytes. If after installing the patch, you wish to remove some unneeded files feel free to delete tt32.exe, tt16.exe, stt32.exe, ustt32.dll, ustt16.dll, usstt16.dll, and all the files in the Jump subdirectory. Note that it might be that not all of these files have been installed on your hard drive.

The new US product CD-ROM (version 2.36 - slightly older than the downloadable patch - click here for technical details) is available to owners of the older US CD-ROM (version 1.04) for only the cost of shipping and handling - $10. Click here to order your new CD-ROM on-line or call 1-800-317-9830 (from the US or Canada) or 1-818-717-9633. You may order extra copies of the CD-ROM and manual for $29.95 each.

Patches for CD-ROMs for the UK English version 1.03 from Logotron can be found here. Other non-US versions will be available soon. Check back here soon.

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