History of ToonTalk Enhancements and Bug Fixes - 2000

Here is the list of bugs and enhancements in 2000.   Similar lists for 1996, 1997, 1998, and 1999 are available as well.

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  1. When a picture is erased and another picture is dropped on top, the erased picture loses its parts and gains the parts of the picture on top. (As before it also gets the appearance of the picture on top.)
  2. If you copy an inactive picture then copy is also inactive now.
  3. The Parts sensor now updates when the picture is flipped back over.
  4. Fixed some problems where pictures that got a new appearance by being erased and a new picture dropped on top didn't behave as they should.
  5. Fixed an occasional problem where the hat or hair of the programmer wasn't displayed if a picture of the programmer had been added to another picture.
  6. It used to be that Pumpy would not change the size of Tooly if 'G' for Good Size was selected.


  1. Fixed a problem were if you erased the remote looks for a picture and dropped a picture with pictures on top the geometry of the pictures was wrong.
  2. Fixed another geometry problem with replacing the appearance of a picture with another.
  3. You can now start and stop a picture by typing space or '.' to the remote control for the looks of the picture.
  4. If a picture with pictures on top was saved where some of the parts were inactivated they are now inactive when restored.
  5. Sometimes leaving ToonTalk and coming back and then making a user defined sound broke things. (Bug introduced in November.)


  1. The "-language" command line option now accepts "PT" as an abbreviation for Portuguese from Portugal.
  2. In anticipation of major changes to birds so that they can fly between computers, you now get a nice warning if you try to load in a bird or nest which is network aware (even though no such birds and nests exist yet and won't for a couple of months).


  1. The language specific DLLs now specify whether addresses should display as number followed by word or word followed by number.
  2. Made changes to how Marty describes things so it works for grammars as different as English and Japanese.


  1. Made improvements to how Marty describes pictures.


  1. If you change the color of a number (by flipping it over and using the "Which Picture" sensor) then it now saves correctly so that when reloaded it has the right color.
  2. Fixed a problem where sometimes pictures when flipped and then flipped back got the wrong size (the size they were when flipped).
  3. Made improvements to how Marty is saved if a city is saved while he is visible.
  4. If a picture is in a notebook or box, sometimes time was wasted checking if it was involved in any collisions.


  1. Demos files were recording which voice Marty spoke with so it could not be overridden by the user.


  1. Improved the way objects are saved and restored so they are restored with the identical appearance they had when saved - even if they were animating.
  2. The main notebook now remembers better where you place him and uses it as a default next time you sit down.


  1. Fixed a problem where sometimes the button on a magic wand wasn't placed right.


  1. Cities now save more things like whether the power is off or programmer is hidden.
  2. State of the programmer is now saved in cities more accurately.


  1. Can now correctly save a city while holding a magic wand.


  1. Can now properly save a city where Dusty has erased things. Earlier strange things happened if you ran Dusty in reverse in the restored city.
  2. When ToonTalk doesn't have enough time to do everything then some animation cycles are updated only every second or third time. The way this works was improved.
  3. More accurate saving and restoring of the appearance of objects (exact position and where in an animation cycle).
  4. If you erased something with Dusty, dropped the erased thing in a notebook, and then ran Dusty in reverse ToonTalk sometimes crashed.
  5. Fixed a problem where some connections between objects were lost when the city was saved and restored.


  1. If robots were running while a city was saved they are now restored so that they continue running where they were when saved.
  2. Fixed a problem where the label of a notebook wasn't always displayed.
  3. If you took the box that a robot was working on and dropped in a notebook (without grabbing the robot to stop him) ToonTalk sometimes crashed.


  1. Fixed a problem with the size of text pads sometimes changing when they shouldn't.


  1. Fixed a problem specifying which demo to run where both the user and the system added DMO sometimes.
  2. ToonTalk behaves better now if you give a full path name with extension to a sensor like "file to picture" and the file doesn't exist.


  1. When displaying Unicode (e.g. Japanese) in a talk balloon it was not centered vertically well.


  1. Made further changes to how Marty describes things so it works for grammars as different as English and Japanese.
  2. Marty explains during the Puzzle Game how you can get hints from him in more appropriate contexts now.
  3. Improved how very long text strings (e.g. URLs) inside of talk balloons are displayed.
  4. Unicode text fits much better now inside of talk balloons.


  1. Fixed a problem where sometimes the notebook on the back of a picture became invisible.
  2. Changing the width or height of a picture using remote controls sometimes also changed the x and y position sensors for the picture. This is because the x and y sensors measure where the center of the picture is from the edge of the screen (or picture it is on top of).  You can add "OldBehaviorWhenChangingSize=1" to the "Switches" section of your toontalk.ini file to get the old behavior. The new behavior has the nice property that it doesn't matter what order you change the size and change the position of a picture.


  1. Fixed a problem where connections between saved objects wasn't restored properly occasionally.


  1. Fixed a problem where Marty had something important to say but you were outside at the time and then sometimes he didn't beam in to tell you when walk inside a house.
  2. Fixed a problem where robots where running, you turned off power, and then dropped the robots in a notebook where it sometimes crashed ToonTalk.


  1. If something goes wrong while saving a city a broken city file is no longer left behind. Instead a dialog box informs you of the problem and the old city file is left alone.
  2. If you vacuumed up both a picture and its remote looks and spit out the remote looks it behaved strangely.
  3. Fixed a problem loading pictures where on the back is a robot with a remote looks of the picture in its thought bubble.
  4. If a team of robots was stopped (e.g. by F8) and then part of the team vacuumed away and destroyed then when F8 was pressed again ToonTalk would sometimes crash.
  5. A major new feature - time travel - started working (but is still buggy). See www.toontalk.com/English/ttravel.htm for details.


  1. ToonTalk had troubles describing things that included a erased force feedback effect.
  2. ToonTalk saved remote controls using joysticks incorrectly - these are now loaded in OK anyway.


  1. You can now put whole houses on the clipboard. Just type control-c while standing in a house and then type control-v while outside. A copy of the house will be built on the block you are on. Everything is saved - stuff in side and decoration.


  1. A new sensor has been added to the 'Sensors' notebook. It shows the language (e.g. "English" or "Swedish") that is currently in effect.


  1. If a general text-to-speech engine (not like the built-in one that causes Marty to spell things he can't say) is in effect then it is now passed text without any preprocessing to deal with numbers, hyphens, etc. This assumes the engine can do at least as good a job at this as ToonTalk.
  2. Fixed more problems loading in remote controls for joystick buttons.
  3. When you save something with user pictures or sounds in it, Marty gives you a warning. Repetitions of this warning for additional pictures or sounds is given a low importance and usually is not spoken but ends up in the user text log file.
  4. If the toontalk.ini "Switches" section has the entry "DontOpenInternetConnection=1" then ToonTalk will not even try to make an internet connection for reading URLs.


  1. ToonTalk had a limit to the size of an encoding in a page of a notebook (64K). It now is limited by the general limit to encodings of 2,000,000.
  2. Fixed some problems Marty had describing some kinds of remote controls with pictures for values.
  3. Sometimes getting up from the ground altered the location of things left on the ground.
  4. Fixed problems with pasting houses with the geometry of decorations.


  1. The clipboard sensor now ignores rooms, houses, or cities on the clipboard. It only re-creates single objects.
  2. Greatly improved the accuracy of the geometric relationship of pictures. This was causing small objects to get smaller (sometimes so small they couldn't be seen) and things on the wall decoration to drift to the left bottom corner.
  3. A bad BMP file (one that Windows Paint can't read) sometimes crashed ToonTalk. Now a warning is presented and just that object isn't displayed.


  1. The recently introduce "Copy of Me" page of the remote control notebook of a picture has been decommisioned. It had various problems and there is a much better way of having a robot create a copy of a picture it is on the back of. It just erases a new picture and drops the remote control for the looks of a picture on it. A copy of the picture is produced.
  2. Some remote controls from the Options notebook overrode the setting of 'Set Options' because of the state they were saved in.
  3. Sometimes when you flipped over a picture you'd see robots on top of box. They are now always under the boxes.


  1. If a notebook was added to the main notebook and then taken out and put in another notebook, ToonTalk sometimes got confused.
  2. Marty gives an explanation of how to change pictures using '+' less often if you press space while pointing to or holding a picture and there is nothing on the back.
  3. You can now put anything on the back of a picture (except for Tooly and his friends).
  4. F12 used to put a snapshot on the clipboard. Control-F12 does that now. F12 is now for tossing pictures. If you press F12 while holding a picture it will move off in the direction that it was recently moving. F11 no longer also does any kind of tossing but is exclusively for ignoring what is underneath.


  1. Fixed an occasional problem when saving a picture and its notebook.
  2. Sometimes the remote control for the looks of something that has pictures on top of it would display the pictures on top intermittently.
  3. Fixed a problem standing up while holding the magic wand and then sitting down again.
  4. When you moved to the corner or wall while sitting on the floor in a resolution greater than 640x480 the wall or corner wasn't displayed correctly.
  5. If you vacuumed up Tooly and then vacuumed up other objects and spit them out again they began very narrow.


  1. Standing up and sitting while Marty was talking sometimes resulting in a blank talk balloon.
  2. The variable width font text pads used in the built-in notebook now do not show the background (they are set to "show some" not "show all").
  3. Made further improvements to the accuracy of the geometry with which parts of a picture are saved and restored.
  4. There is no longer a delay from when a picture is destroyed (e.g. dropped in a notebook) and its remote controls become inactive.
  5. A flipped picture used to match the same picture unflipped. No longer. Two flipped pictures match only if the would match if both were flipped over.
  6. Fixed a bug that occurred while quitting ToonTalk with Tooly inside of Dusty.


  1. Marty is able to describe trucks much better. And Marty didn't used to be able to describe trucks or notebooks if they were inside of something else.
  2. Many internal errors are now just added to the user's log file rather than spoken by Marty.
  3. The parts of a picture inside of a box in a thought bubble are not displayed since they are not considered in the matching process.
  4. Pictures inside of things sometimes forgot the "good size" when saved and restored.
  5. Dropping Tooly on a robot sometimes crashed ToonTalk.


  1. Birds would sometimes incorrectly fly to their nest when it was in a box in a robot's thought bubble.
  2. Nests in thought bubbles once again only match empty nests.
  3. Corrupted files or clippings sometimes caused ToonTalk to freeze or crash. Now a nice error message appears and one can continue without the badly encoded objects.
  4. Dropping a remote control for the looks of a picture (A) on an erased picture (B) now copies the things on the back of the A and places them on B which becomes a complete copy of A - just the same as if the magic wand copied A. But robots can do this.
  5. ToonTalk now handles errors within errors better.


  1. Sometimes you didn't see what a bird was carrying.
  2. ToonTalk now treats pictures in boxes given to robots that have remote controls for their looks in use as if it was a remote control itself. So robots won't quit but will wait for some other robot to change the picture via one of the remote controls for the looks.
  3. Sometimes if a scale had an ordinary number or text pad on its left and remote control on the right, that a robot would give up even though the value on the right might change tilting the scale so it matches.
  4. If you took out a team of robots of 3 or more, removed the first one and then either gave the others a box or put the one you removed on the team so it ends up at the end ToonTalk got confused and sometimes crashed.
  5. Robots wasted CPU time sometimes when the power was off.
  6. The encoding for objects for the clipboard now uses '-' instead of '/'. (Old clippings still work fine.) This is because many mailers thought that // at the beginning of a line indicated a file added "file:" which broke the encoding.


  1. The "Directories" section of toontalk.ini can now have the entry FileSearchPath. This is a list of paths separated by semicolons. * is used to indicate the current user's name. For example, "FileSearchPath=c:\tmp;c:\temp\;*\sounds;http://www.toontalk.com/Pictures;http://www.toontalk.com/Sounds/;c:\*\puzzles;"
  2. Holding down shift while typing control-c puts an encoding of the object on the clipboard as before. But any user media (pictures or sounds) are saved with a reference to just the short file name and not the entire path that created it. This is especially useful for converting an application that uses URLs to references to local files to be found on the FileSearchPath entry.
  3. The random number sensor now produces values from 0 to 999 inclusive. 1,000 is no longer produced. This simplifies using it to compute other random numbers. For example, numbers from 0 to 9 by dividing by 100.
  4. Sometimes text pads on the back of pictures became blank when there was a tiny remote looks of the picture also on the back.
  5. Pumpy no longer changes the size of multiple objects. You need to turn him off and then on again to have him work on another object. This is because too often he changed the size of multiple objects unintentionally.
  6. If you dropped a text pad with a full path but no extension of a sensor like "File to Picture" it didn't work.


  1. ToonTalk used FileSearchPath for user files for notebooks and cities. This broke things if the FileSearchPath included URLs.
  2. User sounds defined by a URL were being saved referring to the temporary cache file name.
  3. If FileSearchPath includes a URL then files found are cached now.


  1. You sometimes saw what a bird was carrying even when the bird was flying from one place to another of the back of the same picture.
  2. The Containers sensor didn't update properly if in a box on the back of a picture and that picture was flipped.
  3. If you stopped a picture (e.g. by typing '.' to it), then pictures inside of boxes on the back of the picture weren't stopped.
  4. Beta 21 released.


  1. Boxes on walls (e.g. inside the rocket in the puzzle game) weren't displaying their contents right.
  2. Improved the way text is distributed when a subtitle needs more than one line.


  1. Fixed a problem where pictures were sometimes displayed with the wrong size when erased, replaced by another picture, saved, and then restored.


  1. Fixed a month old problem where sometimes objects got stuck at such a small size that they couldn't be seen.


  1. Sometimes sensors got disconnected from their pictures when saved in a notebook (but not when saved in a city or the clipboard).
  2. If an error occurs saving something in a notebook, then ToonTalk gives users a warning and should neither crash nor destroy the item that was being saved.
  3. Fixed a problem where Marty gave inappropriate advice if you typed space to a picture of a number or a remote conotrol for the looks of a picture.
  4. Implemented a new policy so that if unflipped pictures are on the back of pictures they run only when flipped. Unless they are in a box that a robot is working on - then they are active whether the picture is flipped or not.
  5. Fixed a problem dropping pictures on erased pictures where sometimes they ended up flipped and things on the back were lost.


  1. Began to add more useful information to the user's log file as to why robot's stopped. For example, if a robot drops a picture on a number you now get descriptions of the items involved.
  2. The number of items that can be saved at one time was increased (the restriction is really on the number of items that are shared - e.g. birds of the same nest or sensors of the same picture - it is now 64K instead of 32K).
  3. Fixed a problem sometimes loading cities that were saved while robots were running.


  1. Fixed several memory leaks that caused ToonTalk to slow down and also to crash Windows after running ToonTalk for a long time.
  2. Fixed a problem where only the version with debugging code run properly.
  3. Fixed a problem where ToonTalk didn't maintain log files unless time travel was enabled. In other words GenerateLogs can be set while SecondsBetweenLogs isn't.
  4. ToonTalk Beta 21A released.


  1. If a robot running on the back of a picture loads up a truck with an address (as well as a box and robot team), then a new house is made and the robot will run there. As before with no address the robot will run on the back of the picture.


  1. Sometimes a robot would wait for sensors to change when even if they did it would fail to match. The sensor now must be a cause of the robot failing to match.


  1. Strange things sometimes happened if you vacuumed up Tooly the Toolbox and then set off a bomb.
  2. Fixed a problem of vacuuming up Tooly the Toolbox and then sitting down in a new room.
  3. Fixed a problem replaying logs of running the puzzle game.
  4. Changed the way things work if you use both the -i and -o switches to read an old demo and write a new one.
  5. Changed demo logs so that can be created to either include a copy of the current notebook or to start with a new one (which will be different for different language versions of ToonTalk).
  6. Fixed a problem preventing you from flipping over the remote looks of a picture and then dropping a flipped picture on the back.
  7. Fixed a problem where Marty didn't say the right things when you finished the puzzle game.
  8. If somehow Tooly or his friends were saved with very large sizes, it is now fixed.
  9. One way that Tooly was sometimes given a crazy size was when you ran free play, then play game, and then free play.
  10. Made small improvements to how demo logs are created.


  1. When time travel is enabled the city is saved when you exit. This no longer happens if the exit was due to internal errors.
  2. ToonTalk now suggests you try a higher screen resolution if you have a very high frame rate and are running 640x480 or higher. (Previously it only suggested this is if you were running 320x240.)
  3. You no longer see a bird fly to a nest on the back of a picture if she is coming from another house.
  4. Fixed a bug when a robot blew up a picture you were holding.
  5. Fixed a problem with how Marty spoke words with hyphens in them.
  6. Fixed a problem adding things to the back of a remote control for the looks of a picture.
  7. The remote control for the looks of something sometimes changes size to match the size of the picture it is the remote looks of. This caused them to become very very small when the original picture was on the back of a picture in a box. This behavior now applies only if the size is more than a minimum (5% of screen width and height).
  8. Fixed a month old bug in how robots were sometimes loaded.
  9. If a picture is part of a picture that is made so small that the picture gets a width or height of zero, it got stuck at that size even when expanded.


  1. ToonTalk now puts up a nice dialog box when given an old demo file to run. (Old demos must be run by older versions of ToonTalk.)
  2. If you are using Pumpy to shrink something then he keeps shrinking it even if the end of his hose moves around.
  3. If you are using Pumpy to change something to a good size, the center of the object no longer moves.


  1. If a demo is being played with subtitles then Marty will use talk balloons even if subtitles were requested by 'Set Options'.
  2. Fixed a problem that prevent new demo log files from being run if the language DLL (e.g. usnt32.dll) was for an older version.
  3. Fixed various problems with address remote controls when you changed them manually or turned them on and off. Thanks Miki for reporting this.
  4. Fixed a problem with boxes on pictures (currently only in the puzzle game - on the wall of the house or rocket).


  1. Fixed a problem where sometimes the built-in notebooks lost their labels.
  2. If Marty beamed in to give some advice or warning then sometimes before leaving he would notice what you are pointing to or holding and start to give advice about that as well.
  3. Fixed a recently introduced bug where the user log file gave the wrong puzzle numbers when running Play Game.
  4. The high screen resolutions can now run even if you don't have high resolution graphics (an m25 file from a CD-ROM installation). Text will be much sharper and you can shrink objects down and see them better.


  1. Change of policy to what happens when remote controls of a picture are delivered by bird to a nest on the back on another picture. It used to be that the "allegiance" of the remote controls was switched to the new picture (that it is no the back of). This lead to unexpected behavior.
  2. Fixed a recent problem with describing pictures either by Marty or for the clipboard.
  3. Sometimes loading something containing a user picture whose file is no longer available led to instabilities.
  4. If a user picture is missing its file then as before it is replaced with a text pad with the file name on it. This pad was sometimes very large or small.
  5. Fixed a problem playing back demos that started in a saved city.


  1. Fixed a problem with demo logs of running the puzzle game.
  2. Fix for address remote controls on 3/13 broke keyboard actions on other remotes. They work fine now as well.
  3. If you typed 'u' (or the letter for your localized language version) while on the floor and your hand was empty then you stood up (unless the thing under your hand processed the 'u'). This now happens only if nothing is under your hand. Thanks to Ross for bringing this up. (On 3/22 also changed this so 'u' is ignored if you hide your hand.)


  1. Fixed some remaining places where Marty gives the obsolete advice that using space will change the value of a sensor. He now recommends you use '+'.
  2. Fixed a memory leak when running narrated demos.
  3. Demo logs now recall whether they are using Unicode internally (e.g. for Japanese) and replay appropriately.
  4. Demo logs also remember whether they were recorded with an alternate spoken language.
  5. Fixed a problem that Marty sometimes had when describing remote controls.
  6. Sometimes dropping a picture with robots on the back on to a notebook caused it to have the wrong size when taken from the notebook.
  7. If while initializing ToonTalk couldn't find a file then the message box sometimes had only the file name in it. It now always has a message saying that the file couldn't be found.
  8. Fixed a problem where when running a demo log it created a file noname.txt rather than <user name>.txt. Where user name is the name used when creating the demo log.


  1. If you give a toss to a picture and drop it on another picture then the apparent speed is preserved. It used to be that the speed depended upon the size of the underlying picture.
  2. You can now (once again) toss a picture that is still attached to a magic wand.


  1. If you ask for a screen resolution that is greater than your computer is capable of it, you now get a warning it resets the default to the next smaller size.


  1. StartTT.exe can now show an AVI movie when started. Typically a publisher's logo.
  2. Updated 'Set Options' so that higher screen resolutions aren't disabled for non-CD-ROM installations.
  3. 'Set Options' now displays your choice of voices for Marty even if only one is available.


  1. Fixed problems creating log files when the ToonTalk speed is set very low.
  2. If a robot is dropping something on a hole of a box that is occupied by certain remote controls (e.g. the Containers sensor), then it didn't work right if everything was very small.
  3. ToonTalk no longer supports multiple resolution of demos. If a demo requires say 640x480 screen resolution then that is how it will run regardless of the settings (e.g. 'Set Options').
  4. Improved the way Marty speaks numbers in Portuguese (both Brazilian and European versions).
  5. Fixed a recently introduced problem where robots are still running after flipping a picture over.
  6. Sometimes robots on the back of a picture wouldn't run when they should.
  7. When a robot running on the back of a picture dropped something it became activated. This is costly and may not be the intended behavior and so is no longer.
  8. Fixed a problem where Marty sometimes gave a warning about a robot having a box that doesn't match and no one he can give it to when an earlier robot in the team should suspend waiting for a sensor to change. Thanks to Jakob for reporting this.
  9. If you used a sound defined by a user wave file, paused ToonTalk, and then vacuumed up the sound sometimes ToonTalk broke.
  10. If a limited text-to-speech engine is used like the default voices for Marty, then text-to-speech sounds now process the text to deal with some of these limitations. Numbers, for example, should be spoken correctly now. If a general text-to-speech engine is involved it is assumed it can handle any text.
  11. Sound pads now have a different color. This is so it is easier to see the difference between sounds and numbers. This change requires a new m25 or m22 file.


  1. If you press 'u' (or the localized equivalent) while sitting on the floor with an empty hand and not pointing to something, you'll stand up. This is no longer the case if you have made your hand invisible.


  1. Fixed a problem where upon exit, ToonTalk is trying to put up a dialog box asking if you want to learn how to change the screen resolution and strange things happened.
  2. Fixed a problem when running the built-in demos in ToonTalk where it didn't find the narration files on the ToonTalk CD-ROM.
  3. Fixed a problem where if ToonTalk is run directly after installation and before ever running 'Set Options' that some option settings were not so good.


  1. ToonTalk now supports file extensions TT. If you double click on one of these (or click on a link to one from a web browser) then the ToonTalk object encoded in the text of the TT file is added to a running ToonTalk (when you are on the floor). If a ToonTalk isn't running one is launched. If no object is encoded by the TT file, then the text object of the contents of the TT file is loaded.


  1. ToonTalk no longer suggests you run at a higher resolution if you are already running at 1024x768 or higher.
  2. Fixed a bug introduced a week earlier that caused Marty to reset his user profile so he treated every user as a new user.


  1. Fixed a problem running the Introductory Tour in some language versions where Marty stayed around and confused things during the first robot training.
  2. Fixed a month old problem that sometimes caused teams of robots to not load in properly.
  3. Encoded objects in TT files (see 3/25 entry) now run when added to the floor unless they were saved turned off.


  1. If a robot on the back of a picture set off a bomb then the picture is destroyed. But for a short period after being destroyed it can be picked up by the "Hit Who?" sensor and trouble followed.
  2. If a robot was trained to drop something on a hole and when running if the hole contains a parts or containers sensor then the thing dropped got passed to the box on the sensor. But if that box had more than one hole then it might end up on any of the holes. Now it is always the first hole. (If dropped by hand then the geometry of the drop determines where it ends up.)
  3. Sometimes when some sensors were transferred (by robot) to the back of a new picture, then the value wasn't always updated and sometimes showed the value appropriate for the picture it was sensing before.
  4. A few sensors like the clipboard sensor misbehaved if erased by Dusty and then the value changed.
  5. If a picture is erased and replaced by another picture that had been erased and replaced by another picture, then internally ToonTalk kept a chain of links that wasted time and memory.
  6. Fixed a memory leak due to parts and containers sensors.
  7. Fixed a somewhat recent problem saving a city while on the floor.
  8. Fixed a problem where robots didn't always resume running when F8 was pressed for the second time.
  9. Fixed a problem where a picture with robots on the back was erased and another picture dropped on top.
  10. Fixed a problem if a picture was destroyed by a robot on the back while inside of a vacuum.
  11. Fix to problem on 3/26 where Marty treated everyone as a new user only worked if the user name was the same including case. The fix is now case insensitive.


  1. Fixed another problem with pictures being destroyed by robots on the back setting off bombs.
  2. If an internal error occurred while generating a comment or description of something placed on the clipboard then it no longer interferes with the save. The text of the description may be incomplete however.
  3. Fixed a problem that sometimes occurred while describing a team of robots on the back of a picture.
  4. Sometimes robots on the back of pictures would stop working until you dropped the picture.
  5. Sometimes if an earlier robot in a team failed to match because of the current value of a sensor and they were running on the back of a picture the team didn't wait for the sensor to change.
  6. Put in better error checking if a sound comment was added to something and something was wrong with the sound.


  1. If a robot flipped over the remote looks of a picture it was on the back of, he sometimes stopped working right.
  2. Fixed a problem loading robots that were saved while they were running.
  3. Released version 2.02 and Beta 22.


  1. Some recent fixes to Marty made it so he didn't give advice unless called by the user.
  2. Fixed a recently introduced bug that can cause ToonTalk to crash while quitting.


  1. If the final puzzle file in a sequence contains just the name of an HTML file (.htm or .html) then the puzzle game is terminated and the user's web browser is launched on the file. Good for ending your own puzzle sequence.


  1. Fixed a problem with birds releasing things on the back of pictures.
  2. When training a robot to work on a box containing the "containers" sensor of a picture, it used to become a zero-hole box.
  3. Fixed a problem training a robot to work on a flipped picture where its parts disappeared during training.
  4. Fixed a recently introduced problem where if a box with a picture in it was dropped into the hole of another box, then the size of the picture when taken of the box was set to the size of the box hole.
  5. When a member of a robot team flipped over the remote control for the looks of the picture where the robots are working on the back then sometimes the robots got confused.


  1. It is now more robust if a robot destroys a picture it is on the back of.
  2. Fixed a problem introduced on 3/28 that incorrectly optimized pictures that have been erased and given a new appearance.
  3. If a sensor displays something that is not a picture (like the parts and container sensors) and the item is removed from the sensor it didn't behave as it should.
  4. Fixed a minor bug in the processing of the FileSearchPath entry in toontalk.ini.


  1. Made more improvements to how ToonTalk behaves if a robot on the back of a picture destroys the picture.
  2. Improved the handling of training a robot to work on a box containing a picture with robots running on the back.
  3. When the remote control for the looks of a picture is stopped then the picture is stopped as well.
  4. The size of the remote control for the looks of a destroyed picture was improved.
  5. Improved the reliability (but not accuracy) of dealing with objects that are smaller than a pixel.
  6. If you select multiple files in the Windows can copy them to the clipboard, then ToonTalk got confused.


  1. Implemented (but have yet to decide whether this is a documented fully supported feature) control-i as a way to turn things into infinite stacks - very much like the stacks in Tooly.
  2. Made further improvements to how ToonTalk behaves if a robot on the back of a picture destroys the picture.
  3. If a picture is moving on top of another picture and is added to a notebook the picture no longer moves while in the notebook.
  4. Allow Dusty and the Magic Wand to select subpictures of an infinite stack.
  5. If a robot was suspended or turned off it now is activated if necessary if a box is dropped on it.
  6. Robots can now be trained to type labels for other robots. Also can be trained to add labels to birds or nests.
  7. Sometimes if a running robot was vacuumed up and then the city saved, the robot would start to run inside of Dusty.


  1. Improved the way ToonTalk handles running robots that are destroyed. Sometimes robots would still run after they should have been destroyed.
  2. Sometimes Marty caused errors when describing why a robot stopped working.
  3. Sometimes if a team of robots is destroyed while running (e.g. on the back of a picture that is destroyed) then some memory leaked.
  4. Improved the way ToonTalk handles dropping something back on the stack it came from (or is identical to).


  1. Fixed a problem putting force feedback effects into boxes. (Thanks to Ross for reporting this.)
  2. Fixed a problem sometimes loading a joystick sensor. (Thanks to Ross for reporting this.)
  3. Sometimes robots on the back of pictures stopped running when you picked up the picture - no longer.
  4. Implemented control-g which toggles whether you can grasp something with your hand - Dusty works in either case. Good for gluing things down to the floor.
  5. Sometimes a robot running elsewhere ended up on the back of pictures.
  6. Improved the internal handling of flipped pictures on the back of other pictures.
  7. If you drop something on top of a stack and something else and the stack "rejects" it then only sometimes did the other object get a chance to accept the drop (e.g. go into a hole in a box).
  8. Improved the handling of objects whose size is less than a pixel.
  9. Fixed a problem with matching force effects with force effects in a robot's thought bubble. (Thanks to Ross for reporting this.)
  10. Fixed a similar problem for matching some kinds of sounds.


  1. If something went wrong while loading a city everything loaded prior to the problem is now added to the city.


  1. Fixed a problem with the coordinates of objects saved in a city that are on the ground.
  2. Fixed a problem where if you saved a city while sitting on the ground, it didn't load back in properly.
  3. Sometimes when ToonTalk put up a dialog box to inform users of a serious problem the box was hidden under other windows.
  4. Sometimes quitting after Dusty had erased things caused an error on exit.
  5. If an error occurs while starting ToonTalk and you answer the dialog box saying you want to continue you no longer get more such dialog boxes.


  1. When ToonTalk is told what language to use it now only checks the first few letters - e.g. "port" for Portuguese, "eng" for English, and "swe" or "sve" for Swedish.


  1. If any section of a puzzle contained a line longer than 255 characters, ToonTalk got confused. The limit is now 2048. (Thanks to Tiago for reporting this.)
  2. When Marty speaks while you are standing in a room, he is now a bit to the left so his talk balloon isn't clipped.
  3. If Marty is speaking with a general text-to-speech engine (one that doesn't need to spell unknown words) then the first talk balloon was displayed for much too long.
  4. Fixed other problems synchronizing Marty's speech and his talk balloons.
  5. If a puzzle sequence ends in an HTML page (see 4/3 changes), then the default directory wasn't provided so it only worked reliably if a full path name was given.
  6. When you pick a demo, ToonTalk once again says "OK"


  1. If the language is European Portuguese, then ToonTalk displays avenues with cardinals (e.g. 5) and not ordinals (e.g. Fifth).


  1. ToonTalk no longer suggests you switch to a higher resolution when you have a high frame rate if you already have it set at 1024x768 or higher.
  2. For some screen resolutions (e.g. 1024x768) text pads got smaller as you typed more. (Thanks to Tiago for reporting this.)


  1. Sometimes copying what is placed on the clipboard in a TT file on the ClippingDir (specified in your toontalk.ini file), misbehaved.
  2. Birds can now fly between computers. Just put a bird on a clipboard and paste it into another machine. This is available in beta 23 and later. It is not ready for any product versions.


  1. Made major changes to how Marty speaks numbers in European Portuguese. (Thanks to Tiago for help here.)
  2. Fixed a problem adding pictures to a picture that is more than 1.5 times wider or taller than the screen.


  1. The nest of a long-distance bird can be copied or pasted (so long as it isn't pasted into another machine).
  2. When you exit ToonTalk after using long-distance birds, connections are released properly now.
  3. If a long-distance bird flies to ToonTalk running on another computer and returns and then that ToonTalk is quit and restarted (and the nest was either saved in the city or pasted back in), then the bird will make a new connection and reach the nest again.


  1. If a long-distance bird is pasted into the same ToonTalk more than once, then each one shares the same connection to the nest.
  2. If a long-distance bird is given something and the computer where the nest isn't running ToonTalk, the bird will keep trying to connect.
  3. If a long-distance bird is pasted into the same ToonTalk as her nest, then the bird will fly directly to the nest and not fly through the network to the nest.


  1. If a long-distance bird receives lots of messages and can't deliver them just then, then she'll stop when the number of messages to deliver gets to be too many (currently around 50). And robots giving her things will also stop until the messages are delivered (e.g. because ToonTalk with the recipient nest was started).


  1. Fixed a recently introduced memory leak in the implementation of long-distance birds.
  2. Made further improvements to how Marty speaks numbers in European Portuguese.


  1. Made further improvements to how Marty speaks numbers in European Portuguese.
  2. If the nest of a long-distance bird is restored then you'll see an egg in the nest only if no local birds of this nest exist.
  3. Fixed various bugs in long-distance birds.
  4. If a computer has more than one IP address - e.g. a modem and local area network - a bird will try both to get to the nest.
  5. If a robot was using a tool like the wand while you were out of the room sometimes when you returned the wand was huge.


  1. Made further improvements as to how ToonTalk handles very large things (bigger than the screen).
  2. If you flipped over a picture (or number or text pad) and took out its remote control for its looks and flipped the looks over and put the original on its back and then flipped it back over, an error was signaled. It no longer causes and error and also Marty now warns you that strange things may happen (e.g. partial duplication of things on the back). Thanks to Tiago for reporting this.
  3. Warnings for loading a networked nest saved with a different IP addresses than the computer currently has now deals properly with multiple IP addresses.
  4. Version 2.07 created (for release in Portugal).



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