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May 2, 1999. Beta 15 released.

April 23, 1999. ToonTalk on New Media News television show.

March 30, 1999. Uploaded the paper "A Computer Game to Teach Programming" which will be presented in June at the National Educational Computing Conference.

March 16-18, 1999. Ken Kahn led 3 Roundtable discussions at the Game Developer Conference on an essay by Seymour Papert entitled, "Does Easy Do It? Children, Games and Learning".

March 9, 1999. Divertire, a subsidiary of FuturArte Editora, a distributor and publisher of educational and reference
software in Brazil has agreed to translate ToonTalk to Portuguese and sell it in Brazil.

January 11, 1999. Official release of ToonTalk in North and South America and parts of Asia.

December 30, 1998. The German translation of this web site was completely enhanced and updated. (Thanks to Wolfgang Mueller.)

December 13, 1998. A guide explaining what is learned when solving the puzzles in 'Play Game' has been added.

November 23, 1998. In response to many questions about how ToonTalk is concurrent and why it is difficult to extend conventional languages to be concurrent, a short essay on concurrency was added to this site.

November 16 to December 2, 1998. A discussion was held on comp.lang.logo comparing and contrasting ToonTalk and Logo.

October 27, 1998. First US trial version of ToonTalk released (version 1.04).

October 16, 1998. A patch to bring ToonTalk Beta 14 or Beta 14A to Beta 14B is available.

October 16, 1998. Beta release 14B is now available. Click here to see the list of bug fixes.

ToonTalk is always changing. Bugs are fixed. New features are added. And new ToonTalk programs are made available.

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