ToonTalk Numbers

Many improvements were made to numbers beginning with beta 34 (or release version 2.5 or greater). Click here to see the new page. The old page follows.


Inside of Tooly is a stack of text pads with a 1 on them. If you drop a number, for example 2, on another number, 7, they will be added by Bammer turning the 7 into a 9 and destroying the 2. If you type the key for an operation before dropping the 2 then the following will happen:

You can change a number when holding or pointing to it by typing. You can also drop a number on a notebook to go to that page number. If you drop a number on a text pad you'll change the first or last letter depending on which side of the pad you dropped it. If, for example, you dropped 2 on the right side of the text pad containing "ABC", it'll be turned into "ABE".


Blank numbers.

A blank number pad can be any number. They are handy inside of a robot's thought bubble. This way a robot will only accept a box with a number where the blank number is. This corresponds to a "type test" in conventional programming languages.

They can also be used for something called "type conversion". You can change a text pad that is showing a number into a number by dropping it on a blank number pad. Or you can take a box and drop it on a blank number pad and the pad will end up showing how many holes the box has. You can even drop a team of robots on a blank number pad to find out how many robots there are. Dropping a notebook on an erased number pad turns the pad into the number of pages in the notebook. You need to use Dusty to remove the number from a pad to make it blank.

The following operations on numbers as strings of bits are supported as well but only advanced users need to worry about them.

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